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ICP & Persona Generation

Persona Creation is the starting point of all sales plays and marketing campaigns.


Persona creation enables teams to understand their ICP better, therefore enabling them to focus on resourcing higher quality leads, consistently hit and exceed revenue targets, decrease customer churn & increase customer lifetime value.

ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) creation - offering services to assist in the creation and implementation of your ICP into your sales strategy. Categorically defining targets based on significant value exchange, cross-examining multiple marketing persona’s.

Four major benefits of having an ICP created:

  • Focused resourcing on High-Quality Leads

  • Revenue and targets consistently attained

  • Decrease in churn & and extension of Average Customer Lifetime (Increase in CLV)

  • Referrals!

As we engage and contribute to your Persona and ICP creation, FWS enables business units to target highly-detailed customer profiles  to optimize processes and to enhance your KPI's.


Reach out to learn how we can enhance the generation of your Persona's and Ideal Customer Profiles! 

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