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What is our Process?

Discover & Diagnose

We are aware that changing teams and processes can get complicated. Clients choose us to discover the underlying issues and bring them to light to pinpoint the most significant opportunities to improve the sales team. This discovery process starts by assessing the current strategies, goals, and outcomes to understand what improvements we will make.

Some of the many things we look at are: Prospecting new businesses, Re-Igniting old prospects, Creating value propositions, Planning effective sales calls, Asking thought-provoking questions, Developing effective follow-ups, and Overcoming and preventing objections.

After finding the issues at hand, we can put together a plan, move forward, and see your company achieve its goals.


An issue that we constantly see revolves around enhancing the sales process. Clients choose us because we can refine these processes.

Once we refine the processes, we must focus on reconciling the business needs with the buyer's experience. The problems revolving around improving your process can be anything from your tech stack to your workflows.

You will see a process improvement. Refining the process will revolve around the software implemented, such as Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, HubSpot, Vidyard, Sendoso, Gong, Chili Piper, and many more, based on your unique business needs.

While we focus on setting up the software, we will familiarize you with the metrics on lead engagement, pipeline generation, activities, tasks, conversion rates, and outcomes that should be at the forefront of your success.

Enable Engagement

Highly effective, multi-touch, and multi-channel messaging strategy is a necessity. Although more conversations are a must, it is also essential to make them meaningful.

Meaningful conversations start by identifying your total addressable market and personas.

Once that is done, we implement messaging that is proven to work. We incorporate your collaboration, ensuring an alignment between your vision and the content.

Finally, you will be confident in this deployment because we will provide the best practices.

Deployment & Execution

Once we finish the previous steps, we need to get situated.

First, we must focus on training your management and leadership to make sure they can lead the change, understand the messaging, and monitor the right metrics. Additionally, we will equip them with skills to hold the team accountable, so they do not retreat to their comfort zone.

Second, we must train all sales representatives to understand the software, the implemented workflows, and understand the messaging they will communicate to your future clients.

Finally, we will provide you with a playbook for the repeatable processes so that your team can continue their success and adapt to any changes to continue the ongoing success.

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