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Training & Development

Realistically, the expectation of having Sales Reps perform without qualified training and onboarding is unfair. Expecting Sales Reps to bring in revenue and customers is likely to fail. Unfortunately, this is an uncovered reality.


How effective is your training? About 90% of sales organizations only do minimal sales training, and about 45% of them provide a week-long sales training without the proper follow-up and coaching.


What happens next? The sales rep tries to apply what they’ve learned, but it does not meet the desired expectations.


What should be happening? Your sales reps should receive the best training, and then their sales leaders should provide them with the proper follow-up in areas that need improvement to continue their successful growth.


Okay, "but I don't fall into those categories" fair enough, you don’t fall into the categories above, but your sales team is not performing to intended expectations.


That’s where continued training and development might be falling behind. If this sounds familiar, let us look at your sales team and give you our feedback.

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